Monday Musings

Dear Oven, Since Ryan and I disagree about whether or not we should put food in an oven that's still preheating and thus throw off the expected bake time, I thought you might want to weigh in. How do you feel? Is it rude to ask you to start working before you're properly warmed up or do you appreciate the time saving factor?

Dear Lady in Scheduling, You work at an OB office. You probably shouldn't be surprised when I tell you I'm still doing yoga regularly even though I'm in the 3rd trimester. The doctors recommend continuing your normal exercise routine during pregnancy. You should know that.

Dear 2 am Rain, Normally I would rather you pour down in buckets when I'm asleep so I can run errands without needing an umbrella during the day. But you're making it difficult to go back to sleep. Do you think we can reach a good compromise?

Dear Fall Boots, I miss you. Let's make a date to spend lots of time together in December when my feet have stopped swelling.


Ryan Quote of the Week:
I don't need jogger sweat on my car.