Coffee with Caitlin: Jill of Sunkissed Events

Choosing wedding vendors who fit the style and budget of your wedding day can be difficult, but getting to know the people behind the business often makes that decision much easier. In this series, Coffee with Caitlin, I want to introduce some of my favorite wedding vendor friends… or friendors as we call them.

Today’s interview is with Jill, the owner of Sunkissed Events. Jill and her team work to provide stress-free and memorable events for their clients all across Virginia and North Carolina. While some wedding planning companies focus only on the logistics of the event, Jill offers her design expertise as well to create the best imaginable wedding day for her clients. And to make her even more awesome, she’s a fellow home renovator and cat mom! We've worked together several times over the last few years, most recently at Cynthia & Luis's wedding last November.

Photo: Sarah Street Photograhy

Photo: Sarah Street Photograhy

What’s in your coffee cup/mug this morning?
 -  One cup Caribou brand coffee (my new fav) with Caramel Almond Milk Creamer.

What does a normal day-in-the-life look like for you? Do the kitties keep you company in the office?
- I usually workout, then coffee & emails. I have been reading a lot about how checking emails first is such a bad way to start your day, so I am working on it. Some days I have appointments at the start, so it just depends on the schedule. The kitties keep me company all the time. Sunny's cat tower is in my office so she spends most of the afternoon napping there, and Chloe likes to lay on my desk.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?
- I planned my own wedding, then touched base with a few of my vendors when thinking of starting my own business. I worked with a florist and caterer early on for experience. I also did some design work on a freelance basis.

What do you do to keep your life balanced? 
- Great question and it's a daily process. Trying to not to wake up to emails is #1. Making time to workout and be active is #2. I'm working on #3 which is taking some designated "me" time each month.

What is something non-wedding related you’ve been loving lately?
- We are renovating currently, so I've been looking at a lot of design inspiration and home interiors. I'm loving the idea of a front porch and painted brick for us. Can you say #fixerupper?

If you could give brides one piece of advice about another wedding vendor, what would it be?
- Your tribe or vendor team is going to put you first on your wedding day. Anyone you feel might not be listening to your wants & desires at the consult, likely won't be thinking that way on your wedding day.

If you could give brides one piece of advice about their first year of marriage, what would it be?
- Say I love you everyday!

What was a favorite detail you saw at a wedding this past year?
- Hanging tent installations- would love more of these!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
- Sending the bride down the aisle!

Describe your ideal wedding:
- On a Carribean beach, margaritas as the signature drink, & awesome reggae music. Can you tell what's on my mind? And yes, we do travel!

What’s your current favorite color palette?
- Currently I'm dying for a white, ivory and neutral wedding. Brainstorming all sorts of thoughts on this!

What are three words that describe your ideal couple?
- Fun, caring and easy-going

Do you ever dream about weddings or planning?
- Of course, mostly the planning elements! LOL

What is something you’d love to see become a wedding trend?
- I'd love to see the matte black finish trending in home interiors take some shape into the wedding world!

What is something your company is known for that sets you apart from others?
- With a design background and degree, I definitely think we cover the logistics but are also always thinking about the big picture through design.


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