The Scoop on my Maternity Leave

With my third trimester just around the corner, I wanted to go ahead and share some details on my maternity leave plans. Since Tugboat is coming in November and Ryan and I have weddings in September and October, we are focusing on winding things down in the final weeks of our wedding season.

What does this mean?
-We're not taking any additional sessions after September 30.
-We're taking a complete break from sessions and weddings from November to January.
-We have limited dates left for fall engagements: September 3, 7, 10, 15, 22, 28.
-Office hours in October will be a bit unusual, so I will have an email auto-responder up but will still be responding to emails when I'm in the office.

2017 brides, we want to hear from you! I might not be taking sessions for October, but I'm definitely still in my email inbox and I'd love to chat with you! And even after the baby comes, I will find a time to Skype with you so we can get your wedding date on the books! I'm not taking leave from bookings!

2016 couples, you guys are my priority in the last few weeks of my season. Ryan and I will be working hard to give you the very best wedding photography experience! 

What about the blog? 

I've been hard at work writing some new blog posts to share during maternity leave! New posts will go up on Monday and Wednesday from October to February and we'll be sharing lots of exciting things:
-5 amazing weddings
-Our maternity photos
-The nursery reveal

Naturally, we'll be sharing about Tugboat's arrival and cute baby photos after that (but we promise not to spam you with them!) And we should also have some beautiful wedding features to share as well!

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months already, but look at all how much that little belly has grown!

Along with taking weekly bump photos, I've been jotting down fun things we've experienced each week. Here's a little peek into the last couple of weeks:

We might be winding down at the end of 2016 and taking a few months off this winter, but we are so excited for a new wedding season in 2017 and we're already dreaming up a fun wish list for next year!
- A Norfolk Botanical Garden's wedding with a tented reception
- A Hayley Paige dress
- A destination wedding on the East Coast somewhere for a little family road trip with one of our moms
- A black tie engagement session at CNU
- Another wedding at the Water Table in Rudee Inlet with a ceremony on their lawn
- A first anniversary sessions for a 2016 couple
- A garden wedding with a ranunculus bouquet

But before all of that... there's lots of work to be done! Check back tomorrow for another segment of Pages from the Sequel!