Natalie & Eric: Back Bay Virginia Beach Engagement Session

Rain poured down in sheets, flowing in miniature streams down the windowpane and casting a gray haze over the day. Each drop of rain silently mocking Natalie’s plans. She checked the radar again, still hoping that the rain would clear in time.

And then as suddenly as it began, the storm was gone. Although the sun stayed tucked behind the clouds, the roads dried up and the evening was bright and cheery. The beach was deserted and the waves broke softly on the shoreline. And then came the sunset. Instead of a gray-blue sky slowly fading to black, layers of soft pink, orange, and purple peeked through, stacking themselves on the horizon like pastel layers of a cake. It was not the spectacular sunset of a sunny day, but a softer gentler one, as if allowing Eric & Natalie to take center stage for the evening.

The Back Bay Wildlife Reserve has always been a favorite spot of Eric & Natalie. And now that these two nature lovers have introduced it to us, Ryan and I love it too! Waterside trails, pretty sand dunes, and a big stretch of quiet beach. I’ll take that any day!


Back Bay Engagement Session-132.jpg
Back Bay Engagement Session-155.jpg
Back Bay Engagement Session-142.jpg
Back Bay Engagement Session-147.jpg

Natalie & Eric are the last 2016 CGP couple to have their engagement session and what a gorgeous way to wrap up this year's engagements! I can't wait for the 2017 engagement sessions to start!

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