Monday Musings

Dear Swiffer, I had forgotten how fantastic you were for all those hard to reach places! And now that I have cute reusable cloths, I think I might just manage to keep our floors clean!

Dear Hancock Fabrics, Why do you have to do this to me and go out of business? I know sewing is a lost art and I have to buy all my modern fabric prints online, but where am I going to get my thread and 1/8 yard cuts of fabric for Christmas projects and baby bibs?

Dear Cloth Bags, Thank you for being sturdy enough to carry my groceries and whimsical enough to provide my cat with hours of amusement.

Dear Root Beer Floats, I had forgotten just how magical you were. Let's be best friends again!


Ryan Quote of the Week:
Caitlin: I'm sorry I didn't text you any pictures. How did you make it through the work day?
Ryan: I didn't. I had to Google pictures of other people's cats. 


Coming soon to the blog: We have 4 engagement sessions over the next four weeks, so get ready for lots of beautiful people, proposal stories, and sparkly diamonds!