Introducing Branding Photography by CGP

Branding Photography.jpg

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen #productsbycgp and some pretty little desktop photos popping up a lot lately. And today I'm excited to share a new service that I'm offering to my small business owner friends: branding photography!

Branding photography is basically any kind of photography that someone would use for their social media, their website, or their marketing materials. It's a mashup of my love of details with all the pretty branding elements of a business! Basically, you bring me a tub full of stuff from your office (or Target!) and other items that relate to your brand, I arrange them and photograph them on a white or wooden board in my office. (Here's a behind the scenes look at that!)

And after the shoot, you have 30-50 gorgeous new images to use in on Instagram, in blog posts (like this one!), and even on printed materials like brochures! Here are some examples from Instagram:

I've been able to do shoots for 6 different businesses over the past couple of months, and I have room for 3 more branding shoots before wedding season kicks off!

A quick note to my wonderful CGP brides and grooms: No worries! I am not leaving wedding photography to become a commercial photographer! But like I was telling a friend recently... during the off season (typically December-March), photographers don't have very much if anything to photograph and we start to get a little restless. So this is a fun little side project to keep me busy during that time!

If you'd like to see more of my branding photography work, check out my portfolio! And if you'd like to get a branding shoot set up before wedding season gets going again, email me right away!