How Lucy Prepared Us for Baby

As you read in the story of Lucy and her blog introduction, we already knew we were pregnant when we found Lucy (or when Lucy found us). So as we adjusted to the exciting future of parenting ahead of us, we were also adjusting to life with a new furry friend. Clearly having a baby is more work than having a cat, but having Lucy did help us get in the mindset of becoming parents in several different ways.

1. If it is on the floor, she will eat it. When you work on house projects as much as we do, there's usually some dust on the floor, especially by the garage door where we're constantly tracking sawdust in. And whether it's a big piece of dust, a fluff-ball from a sewing project, grass we tracked in from outside, or a piece of food I dropped while cooking, she will attack it and try to eat it.

2. Saying no a hundred times, and then saying no again. As she's gotten more comfortable at our little yellow house, Lucy has gotten much more adventurous and inquisitive. And that includes jumping up on the stair railing, sitting on the kitchen counter, and trying to terrorize the fish. She's basically a more nimble toddler, but hey, she's cute!

3. Being responsible for someone else. Obviously Lucy is a lot more self-sufficient than a baby is, and I can leave her at home for several hours unsupervised when I need to. But knowing that there's someone at home that is relying on me for dinner (and cuddles) helps me to put others' needs before my own. It's a very small step compared to the responsibility of a newborn, but a step nonetheless.

4. Cats have no boundaries. Babies don't either. Being all up in your face when you're trying to sleep and following you into the bathroom are normal, everyday occurrences for pets. And now we are used to the constant invasion of personal space. Thanks, Lucy.

5. Life will never be the same again, and that will be the best thing ever. One of the things that Ryan and I kept saying to each other after adopting Lucy is "Why were we so concerned about getting a cat?" We love having Lucy and she has made us love being at home together even more. So as we looked forward to our little boy's arrival, we knew that it would be a very similar situation. A BIG adjustment, but so, so worth it!