Amy & Jordan Workshop: Headshots & Behind the Scenes Fun

So it took a bit longer than expected, but I'm back to finish my recap of the Richmond Amy & Jordan Workshop!

We started the workshop off with a welcome event where they asked the hardest ice breaker question I have ever heard! We also discussed archaic grammar rules and whether we were Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan. You know, important life stuff.

How incredible is this location? Paisley and Jade is a vintage furniture rental company in Richmond and such a beautiful (and cozy) location for us to have our workshop!

They made us laugh... working movie quotes into every possible situation. Turning up the tunes during a break and dancing to one of my new favorites, Shut Up and Dance. Somehow Jordan went from not being able to dance because he couldn't count music, to having some SWEET dance moves! I grew up learning to read music and let me tell you, that's not all you need! They even sang us our own photographer version of the Brady Bunch theme song. And then there was the Croc Hunter.... Jordan is obsessed with the new social media app Periscope, so he broadcasts whenever possible. He started doing a Crocodile Hunter impression and now it makes an appearance in almost every video. You can see what I mean in Amy & Jordan's recap post. Scroll towards the end for the video.

Amy and Jordan also made us cry. Hearing Amy talk about her grandmother, who recently passed away, and the last photo they have of her. Seeing Amy get emotional when she talks about their brides and how special each one is to her. And goodness gracious, Jordan got us all choked up sharing Mary Marantz's story. Mary is an incredible speaker and one half of the amazing photography team Justin and Mary. And her story is so powerful that she literally made us cry third hand.

And while there was obviously a lot of learning and note-taking going on, you can't have a photography workshop without letting us shoot something. Here are a few fun behind the scenes shots of the stylized shoot Amanda Veronee put together. I can't wait to share more after the shoot is published!

And this is why my back hurts at the end of every wedding day. Getting the right angle usually means standing in the weirdest way possible.

And of course, no photography workshop would be complete without some new headshots for all the attendees! We had to fight some serious wind (and heat) but it was worth it!

And you KNOW we instagrammed this workshop to death. There were literally over 200 instagrams from the 2 days! Here are a few of my favorites, including my #demossandwich and my selfie with my new friend and road trip buddy, Lauren!

I LOVED my time at the Amy & Jordan Workshop and I can't wait to look back in a year and see how much these few days impacted my business. And what better way to bookend this post, than with Jordan's group shot with the workshop ladies. (Does that make this whole post a #demossandwich?) Also, I need to work on my sorority girl squat, because I'm definitely too far sideways. Good thing my polka dot pants are so cute!!!

Photo Credits: These photos are a combination of images from me, the other attendees, and Amy & Jordan.

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