A Note to My Husband on Our 4th Anniversary

Today is our 4th anniversary! It's hard to believe that Ryan and I have been married for 4 years already and at the same time it feels like we've been married forever. I've been saying that since we got married and I still don't understand it.

And today I wanted to take a minute to thank Ryan publicly for everything he does for me. I get a lot of credit for things that were really a team effort... and sometimes even more him than me.


Thank you for encouraging me to attend that event, schedule that session, or go send that email right now even though it means spending a little less time with you. Thank you for meeting me at the door when I come home from a wedding at midnight and for carrying my heavy bags upstairs to my office. 

Thank you for working so hard at your job and then coming home and helping with mine. Thank you for building my website, taking care of my accounting, and helping me with the technical stuff. Thank you for teaching me new features in InDesign and Quickbooks and then patiently telling me about them again next week, because you know I have to practice something before I really learn it.

Thank you for dreaming and planning with me how we can make #ourlittleyellowhouseinva into our dream home and then putting those plans into action, even when it means doing most of the work yourself.

Thank you most of all for being on my team. I know that owning a small business is complicated and not something either of us had planned on happening, but you jumped in with both feet. Not because you love weddings. Not because you enjoyed photography (although it's definitely growing on you). And certainly not because you loved the idea of me being gone all weekend. But because you support my dreams. Dumb little dreams like when I asked you a year ago if we could find room in the budget for me to join a gym. And bigger dreams like when I told you I didn't want to wait anymore before buying a house.

I know that whatever God brings our way in the coming years, we're going to face it together. Hand in hand. And I know that you'll probably carry most of the load. Because even on day one, when it was just a fluffy bubble hem dress, you were doing what you could to make my load easier to carry.