Monday Musings: Evacuating the Fish Tank and Two Canvas Collections

Dear Fish Tank, What happened to you this weekend? After changing almost 30 gallons of water in the fish tank, our water still wasn't stable and we had to evacuate everyone. Thank goodness for jumbo storage bins!

Dear Microwave, You're only two years old and you're GE. No more of this crazy turning on by yourself business. That's amateur hour.

Dear Saturday Morning in the Office, There was something very calming about starting the morning cleaning off my desk. And then getting to see two CGP couples again to deliver two beautiful canvas collections! It was a really great way to start the day! 

Dear Deadlines, Thank you for being the motivation I need to get things done. If only cleaning the bathroom had a more definitive deadline!

Dear Ryan, Thank you for waiting patiently while I picked pretty fall leaves off the ground for my fall cloches.