Roll With The Punches

You know those days when you have a plan of action and you're ready to bust it out and you get to step one and it all falls apart?

That was yesterday for me.

I had about 300 wedding photos to edit and a completed styled shoot to submit for publication. And then I opened Lightroom and saw an edited photo that looked all wrong. (Above right.) Que freakout. What kind of weird lighting did I have in my office that made me think that edit looked right for my style? And then to make sure, I exported the image and I saw the image on the top left.

Two images with identical editing that looked completely different on the same monitor. What just happened? Which image is displaying correctly? Do I have to redo everything I've edited over the last week?

As it turns out, my monitor's calibration got knocked out of whack when Ryan updated Windows over the weekend while I was gone. So instead of spending the day editing, I had to track down a calibrator and focus on other parts of my to do list. (Thankfully that thing is never ending, so there was plenty I could work on!)

And this morning I can breathe easy and jump into that editing, because it's all fixed now.