Life Right Now

We've spent some time recently with old friends from high school and college (including a friend I've known since 3 years old!) and a question that came up is would you go back to high school or college if you could? And relive it for a year? 

Ryan and I immediately said no. We wouldn't. 

High school was fun. College was great while we were there (although we both spent WAY more time studying than enjoying ourselves!) But each season of our lives has been sweeter than the last. So why would we go back?

We might not have a lot right now, but we have everything we've ever wanted. Jobs we love. A beautiful home. Amazing friends. A wonderful church. And each other.

With that thought in mind, I wanted to throw back to an old series I started to help me remember some of those little moments of our lives.


Life right now is lots of chai tea in a tall white mug and a notebook full of weekly to do lists.

Life right now is working 110 mph when I'm in the office, because my schedule is much fuller than I expected. It has been a little crazy the past few weeks with networking appointments  and days off, but I'm so grateful to be able to take a week vacation and a long weekend with my best friends from college during the busy summer months.

Life right now is a pretty strong chaturanga but I'm still waiting on the back strength to do a full wheel. My friends think I'm a hardcore yogi, but they obviously haven't taken an advanced yoga class.

Life right now is an unsuccessful garden and grass that won't quit.

Life right now is a full editing queue and a fall calendar that's magically filling itself up.

Life right now is big beautiful windows, half-finished baseboard, and curtains on a trial-run.

Life right now is an office that got (mostly) organized and a guest room that needs yet another clean out.

Life right now is dreaming of fall while also trying to cram as much summer fun into our scarce free time... grilled pizza, toes in the sand, making smores, and lounging at the pool. Speaking of... I need to get a beach day on the calendar STAT!

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