Monday Musings

Dear Thursday, I'm so excited to see my latest stylized shoot with the Sunkissed Events ladies featured on Tidewater and Tulle! And since I don't have to cook either, you're shaping up to be a very pretty little day!

Dear Windows 10, I know we were planning to update our computer in the next year or so anyway, but I'm not super stoked that you had to wreak such havoc. Our stuff wasn't that outdated. Please play nice from now on.

Dear Bugbites, Apparently I have lost all self-control and I can't stop scratching. 

Dear Girls' Weekend, Every year you're over way too soon. 48-72 hours with your best college girls is never going to be enough. (Recap coming Wednesday!)

Dear Pepsi, I'm not going to hide that I like Coke products better, but I still enjoyed your cute little birthplace.

Dear Glasses, Can we invent a glasses-contacts hybrid that never dries out your eyes, never gets smudged, and never pinches your ears or the bridge of your nose? 

Dear August, How are you almost half over already? I'm always excited for fall weather, but I need a few more beach days before I'm ready to let go of summer! And I know I don't have a kid (or even a sibling) in school, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want hear 'back to school' ads already. Can we just pretend that's not happening?