Monday Musings

Dear Bootcut Jeans, No one wants to hang out with you anymore. But little old souls like me are handy enough with a sewing machine to make you cute and popular again. Welcome to the age of the skinny jean!

Dear Wedding Dresses, What if I want to wear a pretty gown more than once in my life?

Dear Fig Jam, How has it taken me this long to realize how delicious you are? I blame Fig Newtons. Yuck.

Dear Christmas, I know Hobby Lobby thinks you're right around the corner and we should all be doing our Christmas shopping already, but I think it's a little ridiculous to start Christmas crafting when I'm still sweating every time I get in my car. However, when I find the perfect present for my crazy-hard-to-shop-for mother, I will snap it up no matter what time of year it is. One present down, only like 19 to go!

Dear House For Sale Down the Street, Please have an open house! I'm dying to see what the house flippers did to the inside!

Dear Vegetables, I want to apologize on behalf of all Americans. You really can be quite delicious if I put a little thought into your preparation. I'm hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship. (Oh, and veggie lovers, I apologize for teasing you too. You know who you are.)