Monday Musings - Notes to Our Painted Carpet, Tuesdays, and Bathing Suit Shopping

Dear Office Carpet, I'm really sorry I painted you on accident. But trust me, after a little scrub with my friend Nail Polish Remover, you'll be looking much better.

Dear Rainy Fireworks, I'm not sure which is better, getting soaked while watching fireworks up close or seeing them in the distance so you can hop back in the car when it starts raining. Either way, I hope we enjoy them more next year!

Dear House, I know Ryan and I have a tendency to get things 80% done and move onto something else, but I promise we won't wait too long to get that last window and trim finished.

Dear To Do List, You might be twice as long as usual, but you're standing in between me and my vacation, so you don't really intimidate me.

Dear Battlebots, Welcome back! At first I thought my excitement was based of of childhood nostalgia, but I guess I like robot destruction more than I thought!

Dear Tuesdays, Apparently my mother-in-law has already claimed you as her day with future Gerres babies. This seems a little premature since she definitely hasn't heard any special news on that front, but I guess you should consider yourself reserved.

Dear Bathing Suit Shopping, I'm sorry that you have such a bad stereotype, but could you help me out a little? I don't really have time to spend the entire afternoon looking for something cute.