Refill Your Heart: Chihuly Gardens and Glass

A couple times a year, I try to photograph something or someone just for the pure enjoyment of it. No pressure. No desired outcome. No specific goals to shoot for. Just following my creative heart.

Vacation is the perfect time for photographing like this, because we're experiencing a new location and living slowly, enjoying every minute instead of rushing through a to do list. In March, between all the craziness that was WPPI, I took a couple hours to wander through the hotels and enjoy the over-the-top themes and designs. Some I photographed. Some I just drank in.

If you're not a creative person, this probably sounds really weird. But as a creative ambivert, this is something that I definitely need to refill my heart.

That's why the Chihuly Gardens and Glass Museum was on my must-do list for our Seattle Vacation. Glass art speaks to me in a way that a lot of art doesn't. It captures the essence of something, like a flower or a basket, and any interpretation or meaning that you might gather from it is up to you to discover for yourself.

Wandering through the museum, looking at the art through my lens was such an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Thanks Jon and Ryan for being so patient as I meandered!

The museum started with some of Chihuly's earlier work, inspired by Native American woven baskets.

This next piece was one of my favorites. And it didn't hurt that my outfit coordinated well!

The next spaces were even more amazing with tons of textures and designs layered on top of each other. And I love how the glass reflected in the black plexi-glass bases!

And then the chandeliers, the atrium, and the outdoor garden space! It just kept getting better and better!