Monday Musings: Sugar, Spring, and Starting Late

Dear Hips, Can we pretend that I didn't eat my weight in sugary desserts this past week?

Dear Spring, I'm happy to see you. I really am. But can we keep it sunny? You spoiled Ryan's birthday plans!

Dear Mom, Thanks for letting me be the sentimental one and being on board with me cleaning out old mementos.

Dear Hammock, You're my new favorite place at #ourlittleyellowhouseinva! (New hashtag alert!)

Dear Lady Who Insists on Using #ourlittleyellowhouse Hashtag, I claimed it first, but I'm really tired of looking at photos of your flowers with horrible filters over them.

Dear To Do List, I know I'm getting a bit of a late start this morning, but prepare to be conquered! As soon as I eat lunch.