Sunshine & Raindrops: Tax Season Can't Stop Us

Tax season and it's accompanying overtime has officially begun. One week down, 10 more to go!

Dear Bonfire, I've finally discovered the trick to roasting the perfect marshmallow. It's not patience or a low flame. It's roasting before the sun sets so you can actually see what's happening!

Dear Tax Season, You might be monopolizing our time right now, but you can't hold us back. #taxseasoncantstopus

Dear Hampton Roads Weather, I know a lot of people give you a hard time about being 20 degrees one week and then 60 degrees the next. But I don't mind at all. In fact, I really enjoy being able to pretend it's not winter for a day or two. I just need to set up a phone alert so I don't miss out on any more of these beautiful days.

Dear Sinuses, Half the joy of being at the beach is smelling the ocean. I'd appreciate it if you'd clear up before my next visit so I can smell the salt in the air.

Dear New Shoes, I've never been a Keds girl, so I have no idea how to wear sneakers in a casual but not athletic wear. Here's hoping I figure that out soon!