Off Season: Scheduling Creativity and Cobweb Days

I mentioned before how I have been trying to scale back the number of hours I work every week while still moving through a list of things to do. But even in this off season, it can be easy to let things like blogging and emails and other must-do weekly tasks take up all my time.

So two weeks ago I scheduled a Cobweb day. The plan was to clean through old blog posts and Facebook albums to consolidate and tidy up. And since that's fairly mindless work, I called a friend to chat, had a little office dance party, and watched a couple TV shows while I sorted.

And this week, I have two days marked off as Creativity days. The goal for these days is to do a little designing, a little shooting, and a little dreaming. And as little "business" stuff as possible.

I'm not exactly sure what I'll accomplish today, but it won't involve Quickbooks, social media scheduling, or spreadsheets.