Monday Musings

Dear Credit Card Company, Spending $125 at the Walmart by my house is not fraudulent. It's pretty consistent for me actually. 

Dear Walmart, If you want me to keep shopping at your establishment, get on board with this new chip card reader thing. I can't scan my card any other way, so your chip reader needs to work.

Dear Neighbors, I apologize for the condition of our front flower beds. I promise we're going to figure this whole landscaping out in 2016.

Dear Car Manufacturers, You really should consult with the hardware stores about your designs. The average appliance box should fit in every four door vehicle you sell. Just saying.

Dear Macarons, My French professors would be appalled, but Ryan and I call you hamburgers, pronounced like Steve Martin does in Pink Panther. Sorry about that, but we can't help it. You're just so tiny and cute.

Dear Tree in our Backyard, Yesterday you looked like a fall version of rainbow sherbet. And it was glorious.


Ryan Quote of the Week: It's not my fault that you use my snacks as decoration! (I had popcorn kernels in a mason jar for part of our fall decor)

Fun Fact of the Week: I send myself emails whenever I'm out of the office and I need a reminder. So sometimes when I check email, literally half of them are from me!