2015 Behind the Scenes: Part 2

Earlier this year I shared my favorite behind the scenes photos from the first half of the year and now I'm back with more!

Shooting the bridal details while my brides are having their makeup done is like a wedding day warm-up for me.

I loved working with the guys from Vision Quest Productions at one of our Lesner Inn weddings this year. And Maria got lots of behind the scenes images of us shooting together!

I often use my second photographer as a light test subject, but I never share those crazy jazz hands and surprised expressions on the blog! But here's a peek at Amber hard at work at our Williamsburg Winery wedding.

I didn't get a photo with all of my second shooters this year, but a few times there was someone I could hand my camera off to. Also, how cute is my husband?!?!

I got this magenta dress halfway through the season, and as you can see it became a fast favorite for those hot summer wedding days! I promise I didn't wear it to every wedding!

My clients are the best. And apparently, they're also really funny!

Cynthia & Luis.Behind the Scenes-108_WEB.jpg

I really  need to work on my shooting posture, especially when I'm using this massive lens. That baby is heavy!

I always squeeze in a few dance moves during the wedding reception, and my second photographers always capture it to remind me that I dance like a white girl.

And you better believe that when I stand in a bush to get a photo, we capture that for posterity too!

And finally, a shout-out to Jennai's sister Miranda for all her help with veil shots!

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