Our Christmas Card Photos

Every Thanksgiving day, I drag my family outside for our yearly group photo. But they were much more willing this year, since it wasn't really that cold at all. 

There was a lot of timer setting and running into frame. (We have a remote trigger, but it doesn't work with my professional DSLR, only with the baby DSLR we don't have anymore.) There was also a lot of frowning at the back of the camera that our pose isn't picture perfect. (I'm not a family photographer after all!) And as you can see, everyone had a great time laughing at me as I ran back and forth after setting the timer. 

And after a couple of poses that I decided were too boring, we finally got two family shots that I liked. #ocdprofessionalphotographerproblems As well as a few couples shots.

Yeah... my parents are that cool.

Only one more week until Christmas! I'd better get on those Christmas cookies!