Monday Musings: Warranties, Sunday Emergencies, and My OCD

Dear Warranties, I apologize for assuming that you would always expire right before something breaks. Apparently, every once in a while, you're actually good for something.

Dear Sundays, Have you noticed that you're the day that all the plumbing problems and other mini emergencies happen? Please keep in mind that Ryan is allowed to take days off and try to divert some of your emergencies to Mondays.

Dear Fall, So far we've enjoyed smores, crunching leaves, potlucks, bonfires, cozy sweaters, good books, and pumpkins everywhere. I think it's time to throw some caramel apples into the mix!

Dear OCD, I'm excited for us to try a new business time tracking tool out, but I've been warned that this can be really addictive. Let's try to keep this to just a one month thing, ok? Do you think we can handle that?

And a fun new segment:

Ryan Quote of the Week: Soup is like cat food, right? You just open the can and serve it?