Changes & Updates

You may have noticed that the CGP website has had a few tweaks over the past couple of weeks. It's always hard to narrow down all your favorite images to less than 40 images for a portfolio, but I buckled down and did it! Check out the brand new engagement and wedding galleries!

Another change we made recently is getting rid of the Love Notes page. After looking at my site analytics, it was actually one of the least clicked pages. So instead, we spread the love note testimonial images throughout the site, on the home page, the info page, and the contact page

We also updated the home and feature pages and completely redesigned the wedding info page. And we're still working on a fun little project that will have its own tab soon!

So grab a cup of tea or coffee and click around a little to see all our updates!

Photos of my super-white self above are courtesy of amazing wedding photographers, Amy & Jordan.