Sunshine & Raindrops - Catan, Crazy Tiles, & a Crocheted Hat

Some recent sunshine:

- We taught my mom and brother how to play Catan. I think it's safe to say the addiction continues to spread!

- In an effort to keep tighter reigns on our budget, Ryan and I have switched to cash only for our groceries, personal spending and date nights. So far it's going well, and I actually really like knowing how much money we have for date nights.

- I finally finished reading Emma. I'm not exactly sure when I started reading it, but it's been at least since February. As I said then, the 14 year old me would be ashamed. Maybe if I pick shorter books, I'll be able to get through a couple more this fall.

- Last winter I lost my black crocheted hat after only wearing it twice. I'd looked everywhere for it and decided it was long gone. And then a few days ago, we turned our house upside down looking for some shells I collected over my best friend's wedding weekend and I discovered the hiding spot! My hat is back just in time!

- Saturday's wedding was the last of 4 weddings in 5 weeks. It was definitely busy, but they were spaced well, so I didn't feel like I gave up all my weekends. But I'm definitely excited to have the next two weekends to myself!

- I've said before that a mashed potato bar is the way to my heart on a wedding day. But I have to admit that the pasta salad with pieces of fresh mozzarella were giving the mashed potatoes some serious competition! I could eat that every day!

A couple raindrops:

- This weekend's wedding went until 11 pm. Which means that after packing up, driving home, and trying to wind down my brain, it was well after midnight when I went to bed. It's been a while since I had a wedding that late, so I definitely enjoyed sleeping in yesterday.

- We said goodbye to summer last weekend with a kabob cookout and a pool day. And then September decided to be crazy hot! I sure hope the fall weather comes soon! I'm ready to break out the boots and scarves!

Favorite instagram of the week: Ryan and I don't take a lot of pictures together these days, so our date night selfie is probably my favorite instagram from this week. 

Biggest accomplishment of the week: Getting the oddball tile on the bathroom floor fixed. Ryan scoured a second store and check all the boxes they had of that tile until he found one that was the right size. So we broke out the old tile and replaced it. Look at the difference!