Our Little Yellow House: One Year Photos

As promised, I'm back with updated photos of our little yellow house. Last December I posted before and afters of our downstairs, so I won't post the befores again. But let's just say, if you haven't seen it, it's worth a look. We were dealing with a LOT of ugly.

But we've made a lot of changes since I posted last. After Ryan convinced me that we need a bigger fish tank (he was right), we had to rearrange our living room to accommodate our new 65 gallon tank. So the love seat got banished to my office (and is now for sale) and we actually really love the change. Basically we had been taking an open floor plan and making it closed by the way our furniture was laid out. 

We finally painted the top half of our china cabinet. And although I really liked decorating the bottom (hey, it's as close as I can get to a mantel), I really love having all the shelves to display stuff. We also created and installed the custom pendant lighting. Yeah, we're fancy like that. (Actually we didn't want to pay $300+ for the pendant lighting we fell in love with)

We also added a little art in the kitchen. I'm still waiting to find the right kitchen prints to add to those empty frames, but I'm happy to have something cheerful to look at while I stand at the island and chop vegetables.

And our new deck! I'm excited for the temps to drop over the next couple of weeks so we can start using it again!

And we're still working on the rooms upstairs, but I thought it would be fun to give you guys a peek!

This half of my office is mostly done. I still need to order a new canvas collection for over the bookshelf.

And our bedroom. We're slowly swapping out the cedar bedroom set we borrowed from Ryan's parents for our own pieces. I'm head over heels for my new dresser! And we have a dresser for Ryan as well, but it needs some updating first.

And our master bath is about halfway done. Our goal is to get the door, trim, toilet, and vanity all installed by the end of the month so we can start using it again. And then we'll need to add shelving and organization since it's such a small space.

That's all I can show off for now! We're really happy with where we've come in a year's time, but there's lots to keep us busy for the next few years!

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