One Year in Our Little Yellow House

We've been in our little yellow house for an entire year! We still have a lot of things we'd like to change, but it feels so much like home that it's hard to believe we ever lived anywhere else!

In that past year we've accomplished a lot:
-Renovated the kitchen - new floor, cabinets, counters, and appliances!
-Painted the main floor and 3 rooms upstairs
-Added shelving to two closets
-Expanded the pass-through between the dining area and the kitchen
-Built and installed a custom light in the dining area
-Repaired our sagging back fence
-Added a deck to the back of the house
-Remodeled the half bath
-Replaced countless loose electrical outlets
-Added cabinets and shelving to the garage
-Built 3 pieces of furniture

And we're currently in the middle of two projects:
-Total rehaul on our master bathroom
-Sprucing up my office

I love how handy my husband and our families are! And it definitely saves a ton of money when you can lay tile and refinish a shower! 

What's next on the list:
After the master bath and office are finished, I'd like to focus on our bedroom. We have plans to upholster a headboard and refinish a dresser. We also need to add new trim, a floor-length mirror, and some new side tables. 

Big projects I'd love to tackle:
-New windows. Our windows are old and really sketch. I'm afraid to open them because I doubt they'd close properly again. Thankfully one of the windows in our bedroom is new, so we can open that for a cross-breeze (or to ventilate reno fumes!).
-New carpet upstairs. It definitely needs to be replaced, but it's certainly not a fun thing to spend money on.
-Master closet organization. Our closet is TECHNICALLY a walk in, but it's definitely not the most spacious place for all of our clothes. I'd love to plan out a really great new layout with more shelves and use every inch to the maximum!

I'm really excited to share some updated pictures, but we're not quite ready yet! But I'll be back next week with some updated pictures of our finished (or mostly finished) rooms and some peeks at the rooms we're still working on!

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