Sunshine & Raindrops - Inquiries, Itching, and an Uneven Floor

Some recent sunshine:

- Thursday I spent the day in Hampton having lunch with Jacquelyne of Jacquelyne Edith Events, sipping the most delicious chai latte of my life, and chatting with Karen of Aleen Floral Design about a stylized shoot we're planning together. I wish tunnel traffic wasn't such a bother, so I could spend more time with my beautiful Peninsula friends!

- Saturday morning I got a sneak peek at the new location for The Studio Hampton Roads. They're still adding the final touches for the open house in a few weeks. I'm very excited for them and I can't wait to shoot in the new space!

- I've gotten several wedding inquiries over the past couple of days and seen a few new engagements popping up on my news feed! It's such an exciting time of year! 

- My new sample album is in the mail! I can't wait to show it off to next year's brides!!!

A couple raindrops:

- We were 2 tiles short for the bathroom floor. And it turns out that they changed the size of the tiles! The two we bought aren't quite as wide as the box we bought at Christmas. I guess that's what you get for planning ahead. It's bad enough that our bathroom walls are crooked, but now we have a random narrow tile. Hopefully it's not as noticeable when it's grouted!

- We had planned to spend Saturday night at OBX with Ryan's parents and their dog, but it looked too stormy to drive all that way.

- This summer hasn't been too bad for mosquitoes, but I got a couple of bad bites Saturday night. One on the instep of each foot, which rubs on the carpet when I walk around. And one on my calf swelled up. Ouch!

Favorite instagram of the week: It's been almost a year since we had 3 working bathrooms, so seeing the tile going down was a highlight for me!

Biggest accomplishment of the week: Getting to Hampton and back without getting stuck in major traffic! That's sadly rare for Hampton Roads!

Goals for this week:
- Making big progress on my stylized shoots! They're sneaking up on me!
- Getting Marissa & Adrian's wedding ready for the big reveal!
- Hosting a few friends for a little brunch this week. Our little yellow house might not have a ton of space for entertaining, but I hope to always make the most of it!
- Meeting with a talented friend to plan a special surprise for CGP wedding inquiries! More on this later!

Thanks to my friend and 2nd shooter Jess for the behind the scenes photo above!