Sunshine & Raindrops - Summer Fun, Spin Class, & a Sibling Countdown

- I put together a little summer bucket list this week. 15 things to enjoy over the next few weeks, from homemade popsicles to paddle-boarding. And so far the summer fun count is: 2 watermelons eaten, 1 pool day, 1 walk on the beach. Here's to many more!

- Excited to see sweet friends (and our first out of town house guests!) this weekend! Even if it's only for 24 hours!

- The first of three weddings this month is over. And it's a good thing that was my latest night, because I discovered I turn into a pumpkin if I'm not home by 11 pm.

- We added a few more plants to the garden: oregano, parsley, and another basil. Here's to more pesto!

- The first two tomatoes are starting to form! We'll be excitedly stalking them over the next couple of days!

- I bruised my backside taking a spin class. Future classes will definitely require a padded bike seat.

- I've mentioned before that Ryan and I are trying to be more spontaneous. So when the weather looked perfect Thursday night, we decided to swap our homemade pizza for Pungo Pizza and garlic knots and a leisurely walk on the beach. 

- I get to see my brother in 25 days! He's only coming home for the weekend, but it's better than nothing!

- My parents discovered Leverage on their Netflix and got us hooked too. Needless to say, we're watching a good bit of TV right now.

Instagram of the week: Quite possibly the yummiest thing I ate all week!

Biggest accomplishment of the week: Working out 5 days! That's definitely new for me.