Life Right Now

Last August I wrote a post titled Life Right Now describing little details of our everyday life. Not just the pretty Instagram-worthy stuff. And when I was getting my old blog posts ready to transition to the new website, I stumbled across it again and thought it was a great peek into what life was like as we were getting ready to move.

I forget little details like that so easily, so I thought I would make these posts a regular part of the blog, every 6 months or so.

Life right now is dinner out on the deck. Before it gets too hot. Nobody likes to sweat while they eat. 

Life right now is Psych reruns while doing housework and cuddling on the loveseat to watch Leverage in my office.

Life right now is spontaneous trips to the fish store and froyo. (The froyo is my bribe for going with Ryan.)

Life right now is maxi skirts, bold nail polish choices, and sorry attempts to hide that my dye is growing out.

Life right now is daily checks on our little garden when Ryan gets home from work. I'm still holding my breath that I'm not going to kill anything.

Life right now is a serious lack of selfies - which is why our picture isn't at the top of this post.

Life right now is long to do lists to prepare for vacation. In a couple weeks it will all be worth it.

Life right now is an 8 month long bathroom project. And it will probably take a couple more months. We have other projects that are way more fun to think about.

Life right now is sawdust on the garage floor, flour on the counter, and stacks of picture frames under the guest room bed. It's windows that need replacing, walls that need paint, and a bathroom floor that's crying out for rescue.

Life right now is taking the renovations slowly and thoughtfully. It's living through the in-between. It's taking our time instead of rushing.

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