Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Play Tourists

Around this time every year, Ryan has to audit several businesses in and around the OBX area. And some of the businesses need him there before they open for business, he has a couple very early mornings!

Ryan's mom loves The Lost Colony so she's been talking about taking me to a performance since Ryan and I started dating 6 years ago. And every summer came and went and we never made our trip to Roanoke Island. But finally, this year we were motivated to go because one of my friends was part of the choir.

And of course we decided to go on the day that Ryan would already be in OBX. So our moms and I drove down and met him for lunch and then we did a bit of sightseeing.

It was a really late night. The play ends at 10 and we live two hours away. But we also chatted with my friend for almost an hour and then stopped by Walmart to buy water shoes for our vacation next month before we headed home. 

In other news:

- Thanks to a comment on Instagram, I learned that while the seed packet said delphinium, we apparently planted gladiolus seeds. Whatever they are, they're pretty and I love seeing them dot our flower bed.

- Saturday night we went to the beach with Ryan's parents and their dog. It was his first trip to the beach, so they weren't sure he would like it. He wasn't too fond of the waves crashing over him, but he seemed to love the rest of the experience. I'm just glad he stayed far enough away from my towel that he only flung sand at my book once.

- A bunny decided our tomato plants looked appetizing and decided to chomp them off at the stem. They had been planted for several weeks and weren't touched, so I thought they would be safe. I guess they were waiting for the stem to get a little heartier before chowing down. So unfortunately we'll have to get all of our tomatoes from the farmer's market and my mother's garden this summer. Hopefully our green bean plants do better.

- One of my goals for this summer is to read 3 books. I'm finally getting close to the end of Emma, but I don't have anything else picked out for the rest of the summer. Any suggestions? I like cozy mysteries, historical romance (not the smutty stuff), and Christian fiction.