A Day with CGP ~ The Wedding Weekend

A month ago I posted a breakdown of what I did on a typical workday. And I thought I would do the same for the wedding weekend so you can see what exactly goes into the wedding day.


8:15 - I'm in the office. I reformat my memory cards, pack up my lenses and lighting gear, and start charging batteries.

8:30 - I look over the questionnaire from my final meeting with the bride and groom and print out the information I'll need to have with me. This includes a timeline for myself and the 2nd shooter as well as a list of the family formals we'll need to take.

9:00 - Go to the gym.

10:20 - Back from the gym. I sit down to send a few emails.

10:40 - I print out directions in case we have GPS issues and pack up a few more pieces of gear.

11:00 - I spend a few minutes looking over next week to do list.

11:15 - Meeting with Erin from BayVue Estate

12:00 - I have lunch and run a few errands.

2:45 - My errands took longer than I expected. I'm finally back and I relax for a bit. After all, I'll be working hard tomorrow!

4:15 - Ok, time to finish the gear gathering!

4:25 - I'm finished with work and my email response is up for the weekend.


7:15 - I wake up before my alarm. The nerves that appeared last night are gone, at least for a little while. I wash my face and spend a few minutes thinking through the wedding day.

7:45 - I make tea and clean up the kitchen.

8:00 - I drink my tea and read some scripture.

8:30 - Time to get ready! My nerves are back, but they're not too bad. I tell myself that it's good to get nervous. It means that I realize how important this day is to so many people and how important it is that I give 110%.

10:00 - I load the gear in the car and get on the road.

11:00 - I pick up my 2nd shooter Amber and we grab lunch at Panera.

11:40 - We're back on the road and making good time.

1:15 - We arrive at the wedding venue, greet the bride and her family, and walk around a bit to scope our portrait locations.

1:30 - We start photographing the wedding day.

4:00 - We photograph the first look, followed by bridal party and family portraits.

6:30 - They're married!!!!

9:00 - Photography coverage ends, so we start packing up our gear.

9:30 - We head to the car.

11:00 - I drop Amber off at her house.

11:45 - I'm finally home. I pop the batteries on the chargers and start uploading my cards.

12:10 - All the images are finally uploaded and backing up to Crashplan. Now I can sleep.

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