Sunshine & Raindrops

Antonia Christianson Events Photo

I usually post my Sunshine & Raindrops recap on Mondays, but we had a holiday this week and I was announcing my new website. Better late than never... here's a little personal recap.

- Last week I photographed the cute little office of Antonia Christianson Events. The images will be featured on Tidewater & Tulle in a couple weeks and then I'll be back to share them with you! But here's a little peek.

- One year ago today I first held my new D600. It almost seems like an extension of my hand now.

- I've been planning a little gallery wall with some cute kitchen fabric I bought last fall and when I stumbled across some embroidery hoops at a yardsale last weekend I knew it was finally going to come together. Now I just need some cute prints for the frames.

- Tuesday morning my to do list felt a mile long. And then we woke up to discover that we had no power. That kind of throws a wrench in your plans when you need your computer for literally everything you do. Fortunately, my parents live right down the road and the power company fixed the issue by 9:30, because there was only one thing on my to do list that I could have accomplished without a computer.