CGP 2014: Behind the Scenes & Bloopers

Throughout the year as I edit through my weddings, I collect a variety of behind the scenes, bloopers, and amusing photo bombs. Here are some of my favorites...

I always ask my 2nd shooters to get a few behind the scenes images of me throughout the day.

The Dress Fluff - Wedding photographers get really good at this, but one of my dresses this year had 4 different layers. That was a fun challenge!

The Lighting Test Shot - Can you see why I'm usually the one behind the camera?

And then there are the moments captured on camera that make me laugh later.... Like the time I forgot to take my flash off of my camera when we went outside. I promise I wasn't trying to bounce light off of the sky!

My "bridesmaid" moment...

The little kid who was videotaping me on his phone...

And the bathroom selfies...

And of course we get photobombed throughout the day... by the church lady's parking sign, miscellaneous guests, and bystanders.

But my 2nd shooter and I also photobomb each other throughout the day.

And then sometimes, I photobomb myself.... stupid reflective surfaces make everything  more challenging!

And this might be one of my favorite blooper shots of all time... the Colonial tour guide wedding photobomb! I love that the shadows add a slight creepy factor!

I have to give a shout-out to Becca, Amber, and Jess for 2nd shooting this year's weddings with me! Thank you for walking all the way across the venue to get that one shot that I need. Thank you for carrying my bags to the car and moving my lightstand when I have a few more things to photograph before we move on. Thank you for smiling instead of rolling your eyes at my OCD organization and for always being on hand to keep family portraits moving quickly. Thank you for jumping out of a shot when I wave my hand at you frantically. But most of all, thank you for helping to make the wedding day even more fun!

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