Wedding Weekly: Bridesmaid Hair Styles

Choosing a hairstyle as a bridesmaid is a bit tricky. Most likely the bride has been pinning hair ideas for months and has done a trial with her chosen hair stylist, so she has her wedding day look down pat. She might have even been growing out her hair for the past few months so that she can have the perfect hairstyle.

But the bridesmaids haven't done any of that. And the bride may have given direction on how she'd like her bridesmaids to style their hair. But maybe she hasn't. Either way, the bridesmaids are working with what they have.... the length their hair is, the style of their dress, the ideas they find online.... and they hope that the stylist can may magic happen.

Today I wanted to share some cute bridesmaid looks that I've seen over the past year.


An updo is a common choice for bridesmaids, because like the bride, their hairstyle needs to last all day. Outdoor weddings can get pretty blustery, so having hair all tucked away is nice. Updos can range from loosely pinned styles to elaborate looks with braids and twists.

Partially Down

As a bridesmaid, I prefer my hair partially down, because that's the way I like to style it on a regular basis. There are a variety of options from side ponytails to braids to pulling the top back and letting the rest hang loose. These hairstyles can be a little more annoying to deal with on windy days, but it also allows bridesmaids to see and enjoy their pretty hairstyle in the photos.

Sure, the bride is the one getting all the attention on the wedding day, but that doesn't mean that her maids shouldn't look their best too!