Sunshine & Raindrops: Lost Keys & Bad Grammar

Some recent sunshine & raindrops:

- How good looking is this bridal party from Megan & Ryan's wedding on Saturday? I'm amazed that we were able to get so many images in this particular spot since there was a party going on inside the base of the tower and people were constantly walking out. It definitely made portrait time interesting!

- Have you noticed how much time slows down sometimes? Wedding days always fly by, but when you can't find your keys and it's time to leave for the reception venue, time literally comes to a screeching halt. Amber and I were searching our bags and retracing our steps around the park. We enlisted the help of a park security officer, a random bystander, and a few members of the bridal party. Megan was even helping me go through our bags. And then I found the keys. They fell into an obscure area of her bag that's not even supposed to be a pocket. It felt like we searched for 20 minutes, but after looking at the time-stamps of my images, it couldn't have been for more than 5 minutes.

- Megan and Ryan's wedding cake had layers of chocolate mousse inside. Forget raspberry filling. Mousse is where it's at!

- My grandmother is going to cringe at the grammar in that last sentence. Sorry, Omah! :-)

- Where is our fall weather? Saturday in Richmond was nice and cool, but the forecast is back to the upper 70s this week. So warm!

- Ryan and I wrapped up our weekend with game night. We had invited 8 people, so Ryan had been researching how to play Settlers of Catan with more than 6 players. And since it involves 2 sets of the game, spray-painted pieces to add more player colors, and a custom board, he was quite busy this weekend prepping. I'm not sure we'll ever go back to playing the regular way!