Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Strawberries, Show Homes, and Sunburn

- We tried another pad thai recipe this week and were much happier with the result. Unfortunately, the thai noodles get mushy if they sit too long, so leftovers are a no-go.

- I spent all day Friday on the golf course photographing a fundraising event for our church's seminary. And now I'm sporting some really nice sunburn lines on my arms. If this actually ends up tanning, I'm going to need a lot of beach days to fix it.

- I made a strawberry yogurt cake as part of our Mother's Day lunch. But I almost ruined it by not letting it cool long enough before sliding it out of the bundt pan. With all those yummy fresh strawberry chunks inside, it wasn't as structurally sound as a regular pound cake would have been. But when you're pulling it out of the oven at 10 pm, what else are you going to do?

- We finally got some strawberry plants into our little garden. We put them in a little late, but hopefully that will just mean that ours will be ready after the local fields have closed.

- Saturday we toured the Richmond Homearama houses. There were a couple that I really wasn't that impressed with and two that almost disgusted me with their grandeur (Seriously, there's a master bath and closet that's as large as our entire 2nd floor!). But the Young House Love show house was definitely worth the trip. I seriously could hire them to decorate our little yellow house. I love everything they do. The only thing we would have changed about their house is the height of the light fixtures. My 6'3" husband seemed to think they were all hung a little low.