A Sneak Peek of the New CGP Website

Now that tax season is over (finally!) Ryan and I have been working hard on my new website design. It seems a little silly to be rehauling the website again after just making changes last year, but CGP needs a strong website to match the new logo design.

And I am so excited with what we have so far! Right now www.caitlingerresphotography.com is just a blog. But soon it will be a full-fledged website with the blog attached! That means a real home page... a new gallery page... the works!

But the page I'm possibly the most excited about is my Love Notes page for client testimonials. I LOVE my clients and I love being able to share how much they love their photos. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Since we don't expect to have the new website up and running for a few weeks still, here's a sneak peek at the new Loves Notes page.

I'm currently booking both 2014 and 2015 weddings, so send me a quick note to say hi and see if I'm available for your wedding day!