Sunshine & Raindrops - Food, Fashion, Flowers, & Festivities!

Our little yellow house has been getting a little bit of love lately. We planted some flowers and a couple of rose bushes in the front flower bed and we're gearing up to start a little garden in the backyard. I'm so excited for fresh (and free!) produce!

What better way to welcome spring than with an epic Easter party. I can always count on Chelsea to throw the best themed parties and her adorable carrot and egg themed spread did not disappoint!

Ryan and I don't have the best luck with cars. Fortunately the two that we have right now are fairly new and very reliable. But that was not the case with our old car. It seems that any time we have any car-related appointment, it takes absolutely forever. Choosing a Saturday for car maintenance did not help, and that certainly won't happen again.

In spite of a few "raindrops" this weekend, I've been overwhelmed with feelings of how blessed we are. Saturday morning brunch with the ladies from my Sunday School class is one of my favorite times of the whole month. There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who love you and who love Jesus.

Homemade goodies are the best. Over the past two weeks I've made homemade chicken stock, pizza dough, bread, granola, granola bars, and zucchini bread. And while a couple things need a few kinks worked out, I'm happy to have more nutritious versions of the foods we love to eat. And going crazy in the kitchen is a nice way to force myself to take at least one day off.

I've been craving pad thai and sushi lately. Move over, Italian food. I have found a new love. We're hoping to find a cheaper Thai restaurant so we can enjoy it more often. And it's definitely time for another sushi date night.

If you've been following along on Instagram (@caitlingerresphoto), you've seen that I've been asking a lot of fashion advice lately. I'm testing out a couple of new trends, like cropped pants and patterned pants. I usually jump on the trend towards the end, so we'll see how long I can pull of these looks without looking "so 2012."

Last week, I added another CGP bride to the 2014 calendar. I'd love to get 3 more brides for this year, and I'm excited to start filling up by 2015 calendar!

And probably the best news ever... tax season is over on Tuesday and I get my husband back!