Sunshine & Raindrops

- The Psych Finale was a perfect ending to an amazing show. We were sorry to have the show end (although we were less than impressed with several of the last season's episodes), but we're not necessarily saying goodbye to Psych anytime soon, because we re-watched most of the first season over the weekend.

- We celebrated the Psych finale with pizza and fresh pineapple. And oddly enough discovered that Ryan is mildly allergic to pineapple. Good thing he's not crazy about it anyway.

- Saturday morning I picked up a new book that I thought would be mildly interesting and I have barely been able to put it down since! The title, Garlic and Sapphires grabbed my attention and the author's writing is excellent! The way she describes food has me yearning to go on vacation again so we can visit some more incredible restaurants.

- I had a serious baking itch on Friday but realized I was low on flour and then AFTER running to the grocery store, I found I was also low on eggs, so I was limited to 2 recipes instead of the 3 I was hoping to make. I figured if I was going to get my Kitchen-aid and everything else dirty, I might as well make more than one batch of cookie dough.

- Saving Mr Banks wasn't exactly what I was expecting, especially since the character who inspires Mary Poppins shows up so late in the film, but I thought it was excellent. And the music has me itching to watch Mary Poppins again!

- A drizzly rainy Saturday put a damper on plans with our families, but we still had a good time together. And it was pretty comical to watch the guys run around in the run trying to put up a fence, when they had to stop and take shelter every 10 minutes.