Lemon Muffins ~ Sweet Tooth

We can't eat dessert all the time, so I thought I'd share enough yummy muffin recipe today. You know the beautiful thing about muffins. They're NOT cupcakes. But they're pretty much just like cupcakes. And you are allowed to eat them for breakfast without feeling guilty.

Unless you're on one of those awful low carb diets. Then there's no hope for you.

Anyway, this yummy little muffin was the result of one very absentminded day. I searched Pinterest and found many recipes for lemon muffins that looked tasty. (Because we all know that we're swayed more by the picture of the food than the description.) And then I read through the ingredients list and tossed out any that looked too complicated. I don't want to complicate my food. I just want to eat it.

That left me with two recipes, from Lemonade and Lollipops and Sugar Pies Food. The recipe from Lemonade and Lollipops called for yogurt and the zest of a lemon. Well see, I apparently have something against buying a lemon just for its zest. I buy my lemon juice in a jar and call it a day. So I decided to make the other recipe, which called for sour cream and lemon juice. Perfect.

So I bought a tub of sour cream and started making the recipe. Except I realized that I was making the wrong one. But the butter and sugar was already creamed and the dry ingredients were already mixed. There was no going back and I was NOT going to the store for yogurt and a lemon.

So I continued making the recipe from Lemonade and Lollipops but I used 1 TB of lemon juice (or 2 if you want a stronger lemon flavor to the muffin) and the sour cream instead of the yogurt.

And you know what, it was yummy. Look at me free-styling and actually making something tasty!

The muffins themselves have a very subtle lemon flavor, but when you add the glaze, it has just the right amount of yummy lemon tartness. But you could always put a bit more lemon juice into the muffins if you wanted more.

I have not had the opportunity to make the recipe as the blogger originally intended it, but I'm sure that would be delicious too. Probably even better! So lemon zest & yogurt or lemon juice & sour cream. Take your pick, either way... make these muffins!

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