Sunshine & Raindrops

As promised, here's my wintery-but-not-christmasy buffet. And it just now occurs to me that I set my ampersand up backwards. Oops. Keeping it real, ya'll!

Last week I had two amazing wedding consultations and Bible Study, so my evenings were pretty full. So when we got to Saturday, Ryan and I were pretty content to lounge around all day.

We attempted to make pancakes... rather, I should say we made pancakes and attempted to eat them, but found that we were almost out of syrup. Pancakes without syrup just aren't the same.

Saturday night we had the yummiest mac and cheese ever at my parents' house.

And Sunday we hung out with some friends and had Pad Thai for the first time. It was a little spicier than I normally go for, but we were addicted! It was so yummy that we wanted it for dinner too. I'm not sure how long we can hold out before getting it again! Where has Pad Thai been all my life?

So basically, all we did this weekend was eat.