Pinterest Projects ~ Snowy Pinecones

When all the Christmas decorations are finally tucked away, I always find myself with an odd assortment of decorations that are wintery without being Christmasy. I'll have to share my little tablescape Monday with my weekend wrap up, but today I just wanted to focus on the cute little wintery pine cones that perfectly transition from Christmas to winter.

These little cuties were the result of a Pinterest experiment day with a friend last year. And I say Pinterest experiment, because you know how some of those oh-so-adorable-and-easy-looking projects can turn out.

Two of our three projects turned out awesome, but the other pine cone option we tried (paint dipped pine cones) was a disaster! We hung them up to dry for the whole weekend and they still had some wet spots deep in the pine cone crevices. And they just looked crappy.

But this project is not only adorable, it's significantly easier to accomplish! And since you're using so little paint, it's easy to paint a third or so, sprinkle on the glitter, and let it dry before painting another section.

But I'll let you click through to Dream a Little Bigger's explanation of her Faux Snowy Pine Cones.