Sunshine & Raindrops

I only instagrammed once this weekend. I'm not sure if that's a defeat or a victory.

All in all it was a good weekend. Full of relaxing. That's the point of the weekend, right?

Ryan and I found a new TV show, so Friday night was full of binge-watching to try to catch ourselves up to the current episodes.

Saturday was a very sad day for Ryan. The Christmas tree came down. And since our tree comes apart in 3 big pieces, we decided to try leaving the lights on it and see how if our tree will be pre-lit next year. Fingers crossed!

Saturday night we found ourselves running errands in our old neighborhood and we decided to grab Chinese from our favorite restaurant for dinner. And it's different. I'm not sure if they're under new management or if they just decided to change the recipe, but it's not as good anymore. Good thing we moved. Next on the to do list: find a new Chinese restaurant to adore.

Only three more weeks of football. How will we ever console ourselves?