Sunshine & Raindrops - Smores, Shopping, & Skinnies

I know it's fall, but I just took this picture at the Chesapeake Arboretum. The roses were still in full bloom!


- Bonfire and smores with friends last weekend. If it wasn't so dark, I'd have pictures of more than just the fire.

- Amazing clients. I really feel so blessed to work with so many wonderful people!

- I'm already half done with Christmas presents.

- My husband. Seriously, I don't thank Ryan enough for taking care of my crazy.

- Friendship. Our Sunday School class has our monthly ladies brunch this weekend and it's always a great time of encouragement and fellowship.


- Pinching. You know when you move weird and all of a sudden whatever you did was very painful. Yeah, that's been happening a lot lately. Not cool.

- My favorite jeans died. I knew they were wearing thin because I literally wore them 4 days a week with boots last winter, but I didn't expect them to suddenly burst open with one weird leg bend. Thank goodness I was at home. Now I just need a new pair of skinnies.... at a time when the stores are full of super skinnies and jeggings. Not sure how easy that's going to be.