The Bylsma Family ~ Chesapeake Baby Photography

I don't advertise that I do "newborn photography." In the little-hands-smushing-cute-baby-face-pose sense, I don't shoot newborns. But I was thrilled when Karin asked me about a family session with their 2 month old baby. 

So no, I will not shoot your little naked baby curled up on a blanket with an adorable hat. But if you want a session with the newest member of your family, I'm all there!

Seriously... how could you not love a session like this?

I can tell already... she's going to love books!

Snuggles with the blanket and Mommy were just what we needed to get a smile.

We ended our family session with a worn out baby and three yummy drinks from Cafe Moka. It was perfect.