Happy Housewarming to Us!

I know I promised I would share before and afters of our house after our housewarming party, but there are just a few things we didn't have time to do before the party. Don't hate me, but I really want to get some canvases up in the living room and the crown molding around the top of the kitchen cabinets before we share the whole shebang.

But... I am going to share a few pictures of the yummy details from our housewarming party. It was so wonderful to share our new project with everyone. And it's always a wonderful feeling to see (almost) all of the people you love all gathered in one room. We are so blessed!

 As soon as people arrived I got distracted and put down the camera so we don't have pictures with any of our wonderful friends, but that's ok. You just want to see the Pinterest-worthy parts anyway, right?

 The paint brush rice krispies might have been my favorite.

The original plan for the cake was an ombre cake with each layer a different shade of purple, but when you're making this many dishes in one morning, you get a little too focused. And then you scream "Nooooo!" four minutes after putting the still-yellow cakes in the oven. Just keeping it real.

 What would I do without Pinterest and its bountiful ideas for painting themed parties? (Oddly enough, they all seemed to be babies first birthdays!)

And a slightly crooked picture of the whole table.

And I printed this banner for the dining room area. Ryan is building us a table, so that probably won't make it in the before and after post, but I'll be sure to blog about it when it's finished. I hope to be back with the before and afters in a week or two but I'm not the one doing the crown molding, so it's not really up to me.

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