Weekend Plans

This weekend Ryan and I are taking a few days off for a little stay-cation. I'm so excited for us to have a fun weekend together after all the hard work we put into getting our house in shape. (I promise, pictures are coming soon!)

Here's what we plan to do this weekend:

- Sleep in

- Have a lunch date at Chickafila

- Visit a pumpkin patch

- Bake some fall goodies

- Attend a baby shower for a dear friend

- Enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful fall weather

- Prime and hopefully paint our currently-bright-teenage-girl-yellow master bedroom

- Cuddle up and enjoy a picnic on our Anniversary shoot (so excited!)

I don't know when our next vacation will be (Christmas plans are in limbo at the moment), so we plan to live it up this weekend! Hopefully we can cram it all in!