4 Dates for $40 ~ Part Three

Date idea #1 - Window shopping & pretzel
Cost: $5
Ryan and I started dating in high school, so a lot of our date nights that first year involved the mall. So it's kind of fun to go back and wander around. And of course, we have to stop and get a soft pretzel. There's nothing like it.

Date idea #2 - Mini golf
Cost: $15

Mini golf is always a fun date night. Sometimes I play well and sometimes I'm terrible and I start cheating. Ryan always wins, but we always have fun.

Date idea #3 - Froyo
Cost: About $8 for both of us
We're kind of obsessed with froyo. Our favorite place to go is Sweet Frog, because they have a big selection of flavors. Ryan always wants something fruity and tart, but I waffle back and forth between fruity and chocolately. They have it all, so we're both happy.

Date idea #4 - Create an art piece together that expresses your relationship
Cost: $0-12
There are so many ideas on Pinterest for this sort of thing. Framed wedding vows or first dance lyrics are probably top of the list, handwritten, used as a mat for a wedding photo, or designed in a cool pattern. Some ideas also use initials or other words as an overlay, which is a cool idea. A page from a meaningful book would also be a fun backdrop for these ideas. If you're good with photoshop you could create your love story, but even if you're not, there are a lot of cute graphics available as free printables. Or you could create an art piece based on the dates that have been meaningful to you.You could also create some map art or start charting all the places you've been together. (I gave Ryan a corkboard map for his birthday one year.) So for the cost of a print and a frame, you could have a beautiful new piece for your home.