Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Sushi, Sunrise Sessions, and Soupy Jam

The Sunshine:

- Shooting a sunrise session (sorta) and loving the results!

- Amazing sushi dinner with Ryan for our anniversary. We didn't try anything raw, but we're still hooked!

- Conquering my email inbox in spite of going on vacation. I'd still like to get it down to zero every day, but 5-6 will do fine for right now.

- Spontaneity. I'm a planner so Ryan and I don't tend to do things on a whim. But lately I've been trying to say Yes! to experiences, and it's been awesome! It might be just a simple drive to check out a new house for sale or a fun game night with friends. But those moments have been so much fun and that's way better than sitting on the couch watching TV. And that's what we have DVR for right?

The Raindrops:

- More rain. Rainy weekends are not my friend.

- I tasted the jam I had been so excited to make and found it was more liquidy than jammy.

- I could use a couple 36 hour days. My to do list is getting a bit out of control.

It's wedding day, so I've got to run!